tips to avoid deer and reduce vehicle damage

How to avoid hitting deer on the road and reduce car damage

No matter how careful of a driver you are, collisions are a part of driving that every person needs to be prepared for. Avoiding dangerous situations with other cars is a common skill taught even to the youngest drivers, but dealing with an animal while on the road is another topic that doesn’t get enough time in the spotlight. It can be quite scary to be thrust into one of these potentially life threatening situations; but by following a few simple guidelines, you can drastically decrease the chances of hitting a deer and causing great damage to your vehicle.

how to avoid hitting deer on the road

Tips to Avoid Hitting Deer and Reduce Vehicle Damage

  1. The first tip that has the highest chance of success is to be proactive in your driving and keep an active line of sight that is constantly scanning the road for potential hazards like deer.
  2. Dusk and the early evening are often the times when the deer population are moving around, so it is especially important to keep your head on the swivel during these times of the day.
  3. In the unfortunate situation that a collision with a deer is unavoidable, it is important to remember the size rule. The size rule stipulates that if the deer is lower than the hood of your car it is safer to hit it straight on, where as if it is bigger, it is safer to swerve and get out of the way.
  4. Hitting the deer with your car will unfortunately cause damage, but is much safer than swerving and potentially causing a much larger crash with other vehicles.

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Getting into an accident involving a deer is always traumatic and can be tragic, but by being an active driver, being proactive rather than reactive, and following the size rule can potentially save the lives of you and other drivers on the road. The deer population during the fall is more active than any other time of the year, so it is important as ever to remember these tips and practice safe driving this autumn.