tips to cool down an overheating Jeep engine

How to Cool Down An Overheating Jeep Engine

Is your engine running a little hot these days? Well, whether you are on the road or hopefully just trying to make it home, these 5 tips for cooling down an overheating Jeep engine are hopefully going to help! Read on to learn what to do! 

It’s hot. You need to cool it down. Your engine is not a happy camper, and because of that you are here reading this blog. Fear not! We’ll give you some great tips for calming down a scorching engine!
what to do if our jeep engine is overheating

5 Tips for Cooling Down an Overheating Jeep Engine

  • Tip #1: Pull over. Turn off the air conditioning. Roll down the windows. This might seem simple, but it’s amazing how much work it is to keep your engine cool when the A/C is on! Try and cool things down the natural way by shutting everything off.
  • Tip #2: If that doesn’t work, turn on the vehicle and crank the heat! Pulling heat off your engine and into the cab of your vehicle might make you uncomfortable, but it will definitely decrease the strain on your engine.
  • Tip #3: Use your brakes less! It’s a known fact that friction causes increased heat. And the friction of your brakes paired with the work the engine does to slow down your vehicle and speed it back up again can mean extra heat being thrown around. Try coasting as much as possible to avoid adding heat to an already steamy situation.
  • Tip #4: Try parking your vehicle and revving the engine. Sometimes the revving of the engine can increase the activity of the water pump and help to cool down the engine. Don’t do this a lot. If you don’t see immediate results, assume that it’s not your best solution.
  • Tip #5: Too late and things boiled over? At that point, pull your vehicle over. Get out of it and open the hood. Your Jeep is gonna need some time to relax before you think about starting it again. You might need to add some water if things boiled over a lot. Make sure the engine is VERY cool before attempting this!

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If all else fails, give us a call and we’ll help you figure out what to do next. Our qualified service department is trained and ready to handle whatever your vehicle throws our way. We want to help you get back onto the road and moving again as quickly as we can! Safe travels!