Oil Loss between changes

Why Does my Car Burn Oil?

So you’ve noticed that your vehicle seems to be losing oil between oil changes. This can be because of a number of things, and many of which are rather expensive to fix. Leaking or lost oil can cause your engine harm if it is not replaced, and is not a good sign. Older cars experience this quite often, so the problem is not rare. Is it normal for my engine car to burn oil between oil changes? No. We’ll help you diagnose the problem.

So why does an engine burn fuel? Eventually the parts that have oil flowing through them become worn out like any other piece of the car. You get your brakes changed, but we don’t often get parts of our engine replaced because the process is tedious and expensive. Burning oil in an older car might even require a new engine.

How do you tell if you are burning oil? Well if you check your oil level between changes and notice that you have less than you should, it means you are losing oil one way or another. Whether it is burning, or leaking, the results can range from a loss in power to a vehicle that doesn’t run, all depending on the severity of the problem.

Before you try and get this fixed, take a minute to notice what symptoms your car is showing. Burning oil is usually indicated by blue smoke. Your engine pushed oil through a few different parts. Most of the time, the piston rings or valve seals will wear out and need to be replaced.

  1. If your valve seals are worn or broken, you will see blue smoke when you first start the engine.

  2. If your piston rings are damaged, the oil will leak out around the seals and the blue smoke will show when you are driving or when you are idling, depending on how bad the leak is.

In either of these situations, it means that your engine needs serious work. Replacing piston rings or valve seals is expensive and tricky. You may want to consider getting a new engine, if they are available from a reputable source, or even looking to trade in and purchase a vehicle that runs more efficiently.

Worries over car troubles can cause a lot of stress. If you are interested in taking a look at our selection of high-quality used vehicles, follow this link. Give us a call for any questions you have about fixing your oil burning car, or getting yourself into a newer one that fits into your budget. Our friendly and experienced team of professionals are always here to help!