Best Way to Change a Phone in the Car

USB vs Cigarette Lighter Port for Charging Phones in the Car

So your phone is almost dead, but you really need that navigation system to get where you need to go. Which charging method should you choose? When you’re considering the USB vs cigarette lighter port for charging phones in the car, you have to decide between versatility and efficiency. We’ll tell you more about the benefits of choosing each, and you can decide what works best for your specific phone and vehicle.

Best Way to Change a Phone in the Car  Charging Iphone in New Dodge Dart

Many newer vehicles these days come fitted with a USB port and a 12V power socket (or cigarette charging port). Whichever you choose, your phone will be receiving charge. However, the quickest way to charge your phone is through the cigarette charging port, rather than the USB. It comes down to the amount of power delivered through each outlet, and the 12V power socket simply offers more.

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However, when you choose to charge your phone with the 12V power socket, you’re going to need an adapter plug. Much like you need an adapter for your USB cord to charge your phone in a wall socket, you’ll need a car charger adapter to plus your phone’s USB cord into the 12V power socket. However, there are a large number of very affordable options available for purchase, making this a quick and easy solution to your phone charging problems!

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Using the USB Port for Charging IPhone in the Car

There are benefits to using the USB port on your vehicle’s stereo system to charge your phone. While it may not fill your battery quite as quickly, it makes up for it in ease of use and versatility. Your USB port, as is clear by the title, only requires the use of a USB cord that works with your phone. No additional adapter is needed. On top of that, you’ll find that the stereo system connection through the USB port makes it easy to listen to your favorite music and utilize your smartphone’s apps while the battery is charging.

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