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What does it mean to be Trail Rated?

What does Jeep’s Trail Rated badge mean?

If you are a Jeep admirer, you’ve probably seen some models have badging that denotes it’s “Trail Rated”. So what does it mean exactly for a Jeep model to be Trail Rated? Let’s find out!

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About Jeep’s Trail Rated Badging

Each Jeep 4×4 model earns a Trail Rated badge by succeeding in five core areas through a variety of off-road tests. These categories are Traction, Water Fording, Maneuverability, Articulation, and Ground Clearance. These models are tested both at Jeep’s state of the art facilities and on challenging terrain around the world. This ensures their Trail Rated® badge will keep up no matter where you take your Jeep. Let’s look at each of the test categories.


Jeep Trail Rated® vehicles can handle some of the harshest weather conditions no matter how unpredictable it gets. From driving in a snowstorm to taking on the toughest terrain, a Trail Rated® Jeep can get you through it.

Water Fording

This category allows you to power through bodies of water that would stop any other vehicles in their tracks. Jeep Trail Rated® models have sealed electrical connections and body openings to protect your vehicle when driving through deceptively deep puddles, streams or creeks.


Jeep Trail Rated® models have precise steering and optimized wheelbases which make it easy to navigate sharp turns and emergencies.


This category relates to suspension flexibility. It allows you to get over potholes, construction obstacles, or off-road situations when one or more of your tires may come off the ground.

Ground Clearance

Trail Rated® Jeep models have a higher ground clearance to keep the underside of your vehicle safe in off-road conditions.

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