What Makes Gasoline Look So Colorful On the ground?

Why Does Gasoline Look So Colorful On The Ground?

We’ve all been walking through a parking lot and noticed the colorful substance on the ground. Most of us know it’s gasoline, but do we know why it looks so colorful? Why doesn’t it look colorful when it’s coming out of the pump? Keep reading to learn more about what makes leaked or spilled gasoline so colorful on the ground.  

Why Are Gasoline Spills Colorful?

Why Gasoline Looks Like a Rainbow

Gasoline that is spilled on the ground creates a thin and spread out display of fun colors in the light. The combination of oil and water that makes up the gasoline separates into layers, and the oil layer reflects the light. The light frequency and the thickness of the oil in different parts of the spill are what creates the different colors.

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The thicker oil in parts of the spill will make the blue and purple tones, while the thinner spread oil will give off the yellow and red tones. Just remember, that while gasoline spills can seem pretty harmless, a vehicle leaking gasoline should be checked out! If it’s yours, bring it in and have us take a look.

Why Do We Enjoy the Smell of Gasoline?

First, let’s clear the air (pun intended) and say that not everyone loves the smell of gasoline. Neither are we suggesting that you ever intentionally take a big sniff of the stuff. The fumes from gasoline can actually be linked to certain cancers and can make you feel a bit woozy if inhaled too much. However, there are people out there who enjoy the passing smell of gasoline.

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The most reasonable explanation for this is the link between certain smells and happy memories. Many of us, as children, traveled with our parents and stops at the gas station might have meant the start of a new adventure or even a chance at a snack from the convenience store. This natural psychological phenomenon is the most likely reason why you find yourself smiling every time you fill up at the gas station.

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