How to Operate the Jeep Wrangler Sunrider Soft Top

One of the best reasons for owning a Jeep Wrangler is your ability to remove the soft top from the back and enjoy the great outdoors while out for a drive. Better than any sunroof is the Sunrider Soft Top on the Jeep Wrangler. We’ll tell you how to take it off and put it back on.

These are the parts of the Soft Top that you need to know:
Quarter Windows: the side windows in the back that you are removing with the soft top.
Body Frame: This is the actual frame of the Jeep that is not being removed.
Check Strap: These are at the top of the side windows and are there to help the soft top remain in place.
Retainers: These are clips at the edges of the removable windows that help to hold them in place.
Bows: These are the braces in the middle, back, front and side of your soft top. They hold the soft top’s shape.
Sail Panel: These are the corner fabric panels on the side edges of the back of the soft top.
Swing Gate Bar: This is at the bottom of the back window and is visible when the swing gate is open.
Swing Gate Brackets: these are located at either end of the Swing Gate Bar.

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Step 1: Before you begin

If you drive a Wrangler with half doors, make sure to remove the half-door windows first. You do this by opening the door and simply lifting them out.

For simple storage of these windows, take a look at the Mopar Upper Door Storage Bag.

Step 2: Removing the Rear Window

You need to unclip the sun visors and move them to the window side to get access to the header latches.

Then release the header latches, making sure to leave the hooks in the loops of the windshield.

After that, open the swing gate at the back of the Jeep, and before you start to unzip the rear window, make sure to release the first 3 inches of the sail panels (the fabric) from the body frame.

Remove the swing bar by pulling straight out from the vehicle and bar brackets.

Finally, unzip the rear window starting at the lower right side and following all the way around to the lower left. To take the window out after unzipping, pull down and make sure that the retainers in the swing gate bar brackets are taken out. Store the window carefully to avoid scratching!

Step 3: Removing the Quarter Windows

Start by pulling apart the Velcro that runs along the top and back edge of the windows.

Then, starting at the lower back corner, unzip the window.

Much like on the back window, there are retainers clipping the windows to the body frame at the bottom. Remove those by pulling the window down.

(Repeat this part for the other quarter window on the other side)

Step 4: Folding Up the Top

Before folding, finish releasing the sail panel retainers from the body of the Jeep. These are located at the back corners of the vehicle.

Quick tip: It is easier to release these if you pull down on the material.

As you start lowering the top, fold the sail panels so they rest on the soft top.

**If you are replacing the soft top with a hard top, you’ll need to remove the swing bar brackets by pulling up on the front of the bracket, while pushing the entire bracket towards the front of the vehicle.

Then walk back to the header latches by the visors. Completely release the latch from the loops on the windshield frame.

Follow that by unlatching the soft top from the top of both side windows at the middle bow.

Make sure the swing gate is open! Then proceed to slowly fold the top towards the back end of the vehicle. (if you have help from someone on the other side, this process is much easier)

Finish by tucking the soft top and the check straps between the bows and as close to the middle as possible. We don’t want these flapping around outside the vehicle. Close the front header latches by the visors and you are all done!

To put the soft top back on your Wrangler, follow these steps in reverse order!