leather vs cloth seating trim Chrysler 200

Which Car Seat Material is Easiest to Clean?

When you are considering purchasing a new car, it’s important to take a look at the seat trim and decide whether the material is right for you. While most vehicles come with the affordable vinyl and cloth options, you can spring for the ultimately luxurious leather seats. Each material has its own pros and cons, so we will help you decide. Wondering which car seat material is easiest to clean? We’ll answer that and more! 

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Vinyl Seats

This is the most affordable seating trim option and comes with a few added benefits. Vinyl might not be the best-looking option for seating trim, but it is certainly the easiest to clean and maintain. Vinyl is made from plastic, so it doesn’t not stain or tear as easily as cloth or leather. It can handle mud and salt and water much better than other seating materials.

However, the downside to vinyl, other than the less stylish appearance, is that it can be uncomfortably sweaty and hot in the summer.

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Cloth Seats 

More affordable than leather, and certainly more stylish than vinyl, cloth seats are the perfect middle ground. Commonly chosen for its comfort and affordability, cloth seating trim is breathable and feels nice, even on longer road trips.

The downside to cloth seating is that it can tear and stain much more easily than vinyl. It can also be harder to clean cloth seats as the fibers hold onto smells and spills.

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Leather Seats leather seats 2016 chrysler 200

The top of the line, when it comes to car seating, is leather. It is the most expensive, most stylish, and best looking option for a new car. If properly maintained, leather seating can look great and prove to be one of the more durable seating options available.

The downside to choosing leather is the importance of cleaning and maintenance. Leather seats will only stay looking great if you remember to keep water and salt from getting onto it. Dark leather seats can become extremely hot in the summer sun, so watch out if you sit down in shorts!